Cooking Classes

One of the best things about being Italian is having the richest and most colorful food heritage that everyone envies!

Italy is divided into 20 regions, and each one has its own specific diet that has evolved over the past centuries. Such experience made our cuisine the premiere in the world.

If you want to discover the most requested and pleasurable cuisine, we can offer you the possibility to find out the secrets of the typical Italian way to cook with exclusive courses conduct by professional chefs who will teach you how to make the most famous Italian dishes… all over Italy.

These recipes you learn from us, will make you a chef by impressing your friends when you will cook for them a real Italian meal back in your home kitchen.

We can organize, both individual and group classes…few examples of what you can learn

Pasta: The homemade pasta is a wonderful synthesis of manual dexterity,
simple and genuine ingredients and tradition. Once you make it, you feel like a real chef!

Pizza: it is born from simple and popular ingredients, such as flour, tomato,
mozzarella cheese and oil. The result is something sweet-smelling,
harmonic and colourful that has conquered the tastes of all people all
over the world.

Chocolate – discovering the Culture of Chocolate, from the plant to the final product. You will learn how to prepare the finest chocolate with the best Italian chefs in a professional kitchen with high quality products.

Truffle – hunting with an expert hunter and his dog, discovering the art of seek truffles and the traditions behind it, feeling the tastes and the unique smells of this hidden treasure. A cultural and sensorial experience that you definitely can’t miss. Then, you can enjoy a lesson to learn how to cook the truffle for a special meal

And much more