incentivesINCENTIVES mean motivation for its own best employees or costumers. Italia Connection has the capability and the experience to make your incentive program a success to improve the value of your Company. Customize the experience with the theme, the message and the program elements that reinforce a client’s vision and values. We create vehicles for customers to communicate their vision, support their goals and reinforce their mission. Deliver constancy and quality by holding our partners to the highest standards and legal standing. Insurance, licenses, safety training, dress codes and procedures are all under out watchful eye. Financially responsible and responsive is what we are. Our relationships are strong, and they allow us to negotiate for the services required, the timing, the delivery and the costs to our customer’s benefit.


MEETINGS mean communication within a Company. The organization of Italia Connection puts all pieces in place to make your meeting a success. Our long-term relationship with hotels, production companies and local meeting personnel all over Italy allow us to deliver all kind of services and to satisfy all client’s needs.